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What are the benefits?

  • You can change personal details yourself
  • Be the first to know the latest news
  • All your favourite houses in one place
  • View the status of the project and your favourite houses
  • Enter and change your preferences online
  • All documents of your favourite house(s) in one place

How it works

Read how to create an account and how you can manage your favourite houses and wishlist step-by-step. Are you and your partner interested in a house? Create one account with one valid email address. There is no use in creating an account for each of you. Under personal details in your account, you can enter the details of your partner.

Create a personal account

Creating an account is very simple. In a few steps, you can access your personal environment, which you can view and manage when you see fit. Click the person icon at the top or the heart next to the construction number below the housing offer. Enter your name, email address and desired password in the login screen. You will now receive a message in the indicated email address's inbox. Are you interested in a house as a couple? Then create one account with one email address.


Confirm your account

To make sure it was you who created the account, you will receive an email to verify (also check your spam box). Confirm your account within 24 hours. Otherwise, your interest in the project will be deleted. After confirming, you can log in to My Own Home.

Time to log in!

After confirming your account, you can log in. You can see your initials in the place where the icon of the person was. If you go back to the website, you will also see your initials and the heart under your favourite house(s) is now red.

Favourite houses on the wishlist

You can put the houses you are interested in on your wishlist. This is very simple. Click the heart next to a construction number on the 'Houses' page, or click the 'Wishlist' button below the construction number page in question.
When the sale starts, you can enter your preferences via the wishlist in your account by clicking the shopping basket. It is also possible to click the 'Indicate preferences' button for the corresponding construction number during the sales period.

Managing your account

After logging in, you can manage your personal details, read messages, view documents and, once the sale has started, manage your preferences. Are you curious what this looks like, and do you not yet have a personal account? Then create one now.

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